Lifetime Retainer Club

What is the Lifetime Retainer Club?

The Lifetime Retainer Club is designed to reduce the cost of retainers over your lifetime. Under the plan, you can receive up to two full sets or four individual retainers per year. The Lifetime Retainer Club is an insurance policy that will help protect the investment you have made in your smile!

Why is it important?

The retention phase is a critical part of your treatment. Did you know your teeth have the tendency to shift back to their previous position? Wearing your retainers is imperative to prevent your teeth from shifting. If something should happen to your retainers, you are covered.

What does it cover?

The Lifetime Retainer Club covers Invisible, Hawley (wire-type), and Fixed retainers.  Please contact our office for cost and payment options.

We are here to make you smile!

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